Pilot demonstrator: Virtual market of energy

The main objective is to demonstrate and validate a virtual market of energy whose concept was initially proposed in the national Danish Smart Grid project “TotalFlex”. This will be accomplished through Arrowhead pilot demonstrations including a setup with 50 private Danish homes acting as prosumers and also laboratory setup with a microgrid and experimental building, as well as through service integration with selected pilot demonstration from Arrowhead.

The pilots will demonstrate an online setup where a “flex offer” (micro request) based Commercial Virtual Power Plant (CVPP) will connect to a Technical Virtual Power Plant (TVPP) and act on a market place. This allow to assess feasibility and the potential of an energy market place in combination with different domains and explore the optimal mechanisms of user involvement.

The pilot will support the ongoing standardisation of the “flex offer” concept as a whole and specifically the communication with Distributed Energy Resources (DER). As a result, the pilot will also have impact on the regulation and legislation according to Smart Grids in Europe.

In generation 1 an experimental lab is demonstrated, which includes a small number of real heat pumps and simulations of appliances and buildings.

Generation 2 will add new types of consumers coming from commercial and industrial segments and also add a number of private Danish homes. The final generation 3 demonstrator will include 50 residential buildings and also energy production in collaboration with other Arrowhead pilots. This is an important aspect because most of the demonstrations delivered by this work package will be limited to residential and commercial buildings, physically based in only two countries.

Generation 3 will allow to expand the scope and collect valuable inputs and feedback from different segments, represented by other Arrowhead pilots, and then also specific requirements on the Virtual Energy market from other European countries. The selection of other pilots will be made iteratively in collaboration with the relevant work packages.