Pilot Production, Generation 1, demonstration and report

Production (process and manufacturing). Generation 1, demonstration and report.

Architectures for production (process and manufacturing) pilots and initial design.

Each task (Smart services in engine business, Manufacturing: electrical enclosures, cabinets and accessories, Lift machine efficiency, Water distribution network, Aircraft maintenance, Condition monitoring and maintenance integrated to production management; Case mining industry, Collaborative Engineering for Assembly Automation, Self condition monitoring mobile machinery, 3D localization technology, Condition monitoring of transportation systems) will perfom a demonstation to which ARTEMIS representatives will be invited.

The report includes a sepate chapter for each of the tasks in this demonstration pilot WP, describing the different demonstrations and their conclusions. All according to the description of work for each task regarding the content of the demonstration for this generation.

Arrowhead Deliverable Pilot WP1 D1.3 v1.4

D1.3 Appendix 1.7a Automation Systems Demonstrator Part Load Unload Station

D1.3 Appendix 1.10a LKAB Overview

D1.3 Appendix 1.2b Energy Management Service Descriptions

D1.3 Appendix 1.3b Energy Optimisation Using Analytics and Coordination

D1.3 Appendix 1.4a Modèle Hydrodynamique (in French)

D1.3 Appendix 1.4b Water Data Model and Analytics

D1.3 Appendix 1.4c Water Demand Prediction

D1.3 Appendix 1.4d Automated Simplification of Water Network Models (Master Kamelia Lamoudi)

D1.3 Appendix 1.4e Pumping Plan Optimization

D1.3 Appendix 1.3a Optimized Energy Management of a Multi-Sources Energy System: