Arrowhead framework

Leader/moderator: Pal Varga
Demonstration: WP7-9

  • 1. How does System-of-Systems connect?
    • Generation 2 of SoSD
    • Services, systems and SoS’ in relation
    • Core functionalities
  • 2. Core tools and MMI’s
  • 3. Modeling tool demonstration
  • 4. Conformance tests for Arrowhead

Type: 1. Slideshow presentation 2. Slideshow presentation with description of the interfaces. 3. “Real life” things in demonstration – as a tool. 4. “Real life” software demonstration

The aim of these presentations and demonstrations is to show the Arrowhead Framework elements’ relation, the tools available, and the way how Arrowhead compliance is going to be tested.

The Arrowhead-compliant “application systems” can use the same instances of Core Services and systems. During these demonstrations the available core systems are going to be presented.

1. Demonstration of the System-of-system concept within an Arrowhead deployed network

  • The SoSD collaboration diagram
  • Presentation of Generation 2 for SoSD
  • The relation among service, system and system of system
  • Presentation of the core functionalities described for Generation 2

2. Core functionalities will be shown to the partners and application developers

  • User/System repository
  • Configure
  • Meta Service Registry
  • Event Handler
  • Orchestration
  • Deployment

The messages is: “This exists and can be used/deployed within Arrowhead”.

The aim is to demonstrate behaviour for a System to participate within an Arrowhead network at:

  • Deployment time (deploy, power-on in a system) (software)
  • Configure time (fetch configurations for specific device settings) (software)
  • Events/loggings/alarms (software)

3. Demonstration of a modelling tool capable of:

  • Modelling services, and processing service models to generate wiki-like documentation.
  • Importing and processing models of other tools (Enterprise Architect, ThingML).

4. Demonstration of test tools and procedures

  • Test tool used as service provider and consumer system simulator.
  • Authorisation and Orchestration to be demonstrated.
  • Arrowhead Framework compliance testing to be shown, using the test tool.

For all of these demonstrations we highlight and point out “Interoperability” and  “Integrability” aspects.