End user welfare services

Leader/moderator: Øystein Haugen
Demonstration: T4.1
Content: Prototype room with instrumented
Type: Physical “real life” things in demonstration. Posters on booth walls.

SINTEF, Lyse and NorDan will demonstrate an Arrowhead version of the Lyse/NorDan Smarty concept for improved living. The demo site will be an apartment with a window, a door as well as cooking stove. The demo apartment will consist only of two walls so that it will be easy to follow what happens.

We will demonstrate a system where a number of different wireless and wired protocols are applied in a way that is prepared for Arrowhead framework integration later. Our system is also well suited for easy enhancement and flexible simulation. We will show both physical and simulated sensors and actuators.

The main scenario is a user that leaves her window open and the stove on when she departs from the apartment. The system will warn her on a screen when the situation is discovered.

The architecture and behavior of the example will also be shown on posters on the wall.