Energy efficiency in lifts

Sub-Demonstration: Lift/hoisting multi-source energy management

Leader/moderator: Véronique Boutin
Demonstration: T1.3
Content: Distributed system (from sensors to cloud) for the management of the energy of a lift.
Type: Slide and demonstration of the overall distributed solution including a simulated lift in Sodimas, the LINC coordination middleware in CEA, and strategic control optimization at Schneider Electric. Video in case the Internet connection is not good enough.

This demonstration will illustrate the integration of multiple components from local sensors and controllers to the cloud where energy optimization is being performed. Three sites will be accessed from a common web interface located in the cloud (in our case on the CEA site), using the LINC middleware.

This interface receives real-time information from a lift (currently a simulated lift) and its energy system located in Sodimas. The interface also enables us to take control of the lift.

As time progresses, a strategic controller, located in the cloud (in our case in Schneider Electric), is used to regularly update the energy allocation strategy based on travel predictions, using electricity from the external network, local storage components, or generated locally by the lift (when it brakes) and a solar panel.

This allocation strategy is communicated to the local controller, which applies it as much as possible, yet allowing itself to deviate in case the amount and types of travels of the lift differ from the prediction.

The overall system records energy usage statistics enabling to evaluate the savings achieved.

Demonstration: Smart-elevators

Leader/moderator: Véronique Boutin
Demonstration: T2.1
Content: Smart-elevators
Type: Slides. The duration of the presentation will be around 10 or 15 minutes.

The presentation will show the current state of the art Project where several smart-elevators integrating renewable and storage systems are already in operation together with the energy measurement services provided by the smart-meters. ORONA will also present the progress in the Central Supervision and Monitoring System and the future needed developments to achieve a completely ARROWHEAD framework compliance demonstrator.