Demonstration: T5.1. T5,2, T5.3
Content: No AF usage. 5.1 Flexoffer aggregator. 5.2 Heat pump data collection. 5.3 Building simulation.
Type: Slideshow. Online access and visualization of heatpump flexoffers. Online access and visualization of flexoffers from a simulated washing machine. Building simulation.

This demonstration will explain and show online generation of flexoffers, i.e. information about the flexibility that a set of devices can offer to a Smart Grid in order to balance consumption and generation of energy. Based on the current market situation and flexoffers collected from a large amount of households and commercial sites, an aggregator can then calculate and offer concrete schedules to the prosumers – represented by flexoffer agents (see figure below).

During the demonstration, flexoffers will be collected and visualized online from a set of heat pumps – located in Denmark. Also, the aggregator operation will be visualized – together with a simulation of a large building as well as a washing machine.

The simulation part of the generation 1 demonstrator will focus on the operation of a commercial building and demonstration of specific scenarios for its participation in the virtual market that will be subsequently deployed in the real environment.

Dynamic model of a building energy system including a chiller plant, boiler plant, thermal storage capability, local renewable generation (wind turbine, microturbine) and a model of three zones is used to demonstrate the manipulation with temperature set points of the HVAC system to temporarily reduce electricity consumption and generate flex-offers.


Aggregation and disaggregation concept of flex-offers

Aggregation and disaggregation concept of flex-offers