Sensors services in mines to ERP Cloud

Leader/moderator: Mika Karaila & David Hästbacka
Demonstration: T1.6
Content: Mine demo, AF services sensors -‐> ERP cloud
Type: Physical “real life” things in demonstration

Generation 1 demonstrated features (last year Stockholm):

  • Bluetooth LE sensor communication with BeagleBone Black gateway
  • Sensor measurements: temperature & acceleration data transfer through gateway to cloud storage
  • Mobile applications:
    • Sensor parameter configuration
    • Maintenance tasks, measurement data visualization etc.
    • Raspberry PI with own camera, rope damage detection
  • Web application: sensor metadata management & task management

Generation 2 new features (Stavanger focus):

  • Bluetooth LE data: node-red with OPC UA client -> OPC UA server
  • Node-red -> cloud integration (reusable application model)
  • Mobile application (same as in Stockholm + Bluetooth LE parameterization appl.)
  • Raspberry PI (also implemented with node-red)
  • Web application (same as in Stockhom)
  • OPC UA integration between BeagleBone Black, Beckhoff PLC and Windows