Valuable project collaboration for AVL


AVL’s involvement in the Arrowhead project has been a successful collaboration. – Arrowhead lays the foundation for the future digitization of Europe, says Andreas Aldrian, AVL.

AVL led the automative use case Smart Service with a strong focus on the implementing security and safety analysis methods into the overall framework.

– Besides the Arrowhead project those activities helped AVL to get into a position where we are now able to offer a connectivity solution to our customers, which is as of now still a very conservative environment, says Andreas Aldrian.

How has AVL been using the Arrowhead technology?

AVL implemented a prototypical implementation of its Smart Service system based on Mulle devices and the current Arrowhead stack. This was used for testing and validation as applied to our use case focusing on automotive testing (the AVL test factory). Based on ridged security analysis, we extended the implementation to allow operation in alignment with the mandatory security policies of our industry, as described in Case study: From legacy to connectivity migrating industrial devices into the world of smart services.

 In what way will Arrowhead have an impact on your future businesses?

– With the solution AVL created while working with the Arrowhead partners, we believe that we have created the proper foundation to transform the current way on doing classic services business towards an Industry 4.0/Internet of Things based approach.